2019 Notice of Funding Availability FY 2019 Continuum of Care



1/15/2020--HUD announces FY2019 CoC funding.  


The renewal application has been updated and can be found here


HUD Releases the Continuum of Care NOFA - 

The Notice of Funding Availablity (NOFA) for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition has been posted to the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition: Funding Availability page on the HUD Exchange.  Additional resources are available on the e-snaps page on the HUD Exchange.  Project Applications  will be available the week of July 22, 2019 in e-snaps.  Project applicants will be able to access the applications to review, update, and enter information that is required for the application process.

Submission Deadline: Friday, August 30, 2019 by 5:00 PM CDT.  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR NEW OR RENEWAL  ESNAPS APPLICATION PRIOR TO AUGUST 28th as all Esnaps projects will be under review the week prior and changes may be requested to ensure the project application meets the highest possible standards for scoring.

The 2019 New Project Application is now available.  New projects include Domestic Violence Bonus Funding for PSH-RR and  SSO (Coordinated Entry) Projects in the amount  of $196,005.   Funding is also available for new  Bonus Project Permanent Housing-Permanent Supportive Housing (PH-PSH) which must serve either persons who meet the definition of Dedicated Plus or persons experiencing chronic homelessness at enrollment OR PH-Rapid Rehousing Projects which may serve anyone who meets HUD's definition of literally homeless.  Funding for new projects is available up to $102,312.  In addition, the CoC anticipates approximately $54,000 will be available in reallocated funding.

A HUD Application and Esnaps Training will be held August 2nd at 11:00 AM at 612 North Church Street, Rockford Illinois.  All new and renewal applicants are encouraged to attend.  

ESnaps is available for Renewal Project Applicants.  All renewal grants are labeled FY2019 in Esnaps.

 Projects must also submit a written application for scoring and ranking purposes.  That application can be found HERE.  Those applications are due August 30, 2019 by 5:00 PM CDT.

Scoring Criteria for Ranking for Renewal Applications can be found HERE.

Renewal Projects may choose to reapply as a consolidated project if the projects they are consolidated are the same type.  They may also apply for an expansion project. 

GIW for renewal project budgets

NOFA Help Sheet for Project Applicants

Scoring Criteria for Ranking for New Applications can be found HERE.

The Ranking & Scoring Committee will be meeting Friday, Sept. 13th at 10:00. Tentative location is 555 N. Court St. #221 to review the scoring of all new and renewal applications and to rank all projects.  Please contact Committee Chair Angela Wood-Zuzevich at awood@tlsveterans.org with any questions.  This is an open meeting and anyone is welcome to attend.

9/13/19- 2019 Ranking & Scoring Committee met.  Click here for 2019 NOFA ranking.  All completed applications were moved forward for ranking and none of the application were reduced.  One new grantee submitted an application that they later withdrawn from the process, they were notified that their application would not be ranked for funding.  

9/27/2019--Click here to see the 2019 Consolidated NOFA application. For any public comments, please leave a message below or email them by clicking here. 

To View the 2019 Priority Listing click here

10/1/19-The 2019 NOFA was submitted prior to the 8pm (EST) deadline on 9/30/19, therefore, we are no longer accepting comments (previous links have been made inactive).  The full NOFA is posted in the NOFA achieves with other submitted applications.

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For use in calculating rental budgets

2019 Fair Market Rents

Community     Efficiency    One Bedroom   Two Bedroom   Three Bedroom   Four Bedroom

DeKalb                   $645               $733                   $963                      $1373                   $1623

Rkfd/B/W               $525               $605                   $800                      $1080                   $1161

HUD NOFA Archieves: Click below to see past year's submitted consolidated applications.

2019 NOFA

2018 NOFA

2017 NOFA

2016 NOFA

2015 NOFA

Annual Point in Time Count by years

Date of Count          Total Sheltered (ES)          Total Sheltered (TH)          Total Unsheltered          Total           Status/Notes

                                              Persons                              Persons                                   Persons                Persons                                                                                                                                                                       

1/28/2019                               261                                          97                                             45                         403                Submitted--**Includes Dekalb Co.

1/22/2018                               134                                          79                                             43                         256                Confirmed-Winn & Boone Co only

1/23/2017                               183                                          76                                             32                         291                Confirmed-Winn & Boone Co only

1/25/2016                               131                                          76                                             48                         255                Confirmed-Winn & Boone Co only

1/26/2015                               146                                         152                                            29                         327                Confirmed-Winn & Boone Co only

1/29/2014                               230                                         149                                            31                         410                Confirmed-Winn & Boone Co only

1/12/2013                               221                                         280                                           287                        788                Confirmed-Winn & Boone Co only

1/25/2012                               217                                         308                                           202                        727                Confirmed-Winn & Boone Co only