Built for Zero

We are a member of Built for Zero.  Built for Zero is a national movement to end homelessness through collective impact and data measurement.  Working with Built for Zero, we have reached functional zero for veteran homelessness and chronic homelessness.  This means we have reached a target number (seven for veterans and three for chronic) and have been able to maintain that number for over 90 days.  It also means we are able to rapidly rehouse newly homeless veterans and new chronically homeless in less than 30 days.  





We are turning our focus to ending youth and family homelessness.  If you know of a youth or family who is living on the streets or in an unsafe situation, please ask them to call our hotline at 844-710-6919 ext 5 or email us here. 


6/20/18-Rockford's BFZ efforts were recently recognized in the New York Times.  Click here to read the full article by David Bornstein.  

Local agency staff participated in a Built for Zero training session in Chicago Sept. 6-7, 2017.
Zero Heros included in the below picture (L-R) are Laura Martinez (RHA), Kathy Grossen (Rosecrance Ware Center), Jennifer Jaeger (City of Rockford Community Action), Angie Walker (City of Rockford Community Action), Josh Homuth (Veteran's Administration) , and Brittney Hensley (Veteran's Administration).

Community partners attending another Built for Zero Learning Session in February 2018.  Rockford was recognized by the Community Solutions staff for their work in ending chronic homelessness during 2017.